14 comments on “What’s the amount of ArPen needed for the campaign maps?

  1. Hi, very nice blog. Do you happen to know the DR of the dragons in heralds in Well of Dragons map? And tiamat ?
    Thanks again for this blog with many useful information, im learning a lot reading it!


  2. Thanks. How do you know this info ? Did you test it yourself with ACT or you got access to the game files or was it someone from PWE/Cryptic who told you?
    Those numbers look very accurate and im not doubting them but to test with ACT is hard, not only you have to lower the RI of the toon and increase it gradually to perform the many iterations needed to determine at which point it nullifies the DR, but there is also the weapon base damage variation to consider on every hit.
    On the other hand, PWE/Cryptic giving inner detailed information about the game feels highly unlikely to happen. This leaves us with the final option, reading the numbers directly from the game files….

    I’m just curious about the source. It would help me to not blindly trust numbers I read on blogs or in the game chat and to feel more satisfied with their accuracy.


    • I perfectly understand what you mean, however, I’m known because I never post about anything unless I tested it first several times. I don’t datamine the game files and I wouldn’t trust them anyway. I’ve learn over 2 years playing NWO that everything must be tested even if the theory or data seems to be perfect.


  3. Quick question. My TR has a base AP of -53.8, I have a feat that while in stealth I ignore an extra 25 %. Is it worth having that feat?


    • Hi, I’m sorry for the delay. I recommend you to keep 60% Resistance Ignore always otherwise you are losing a lot of damage. Don’t forget to check in your character sheet “resistance ignored” and not just “Armor Penetration” stat.


  4. Hey, Lazalia, it’s me again, with the difference we’re guild mates now… XD I was looking for armor penetration info and found it on your blog for coincidence again; next time I will come here straightly… =P
    So, I’ve read (including here) that for PvE we don’t need more than 60% RI to overcome any foe, even the most powerful bosses. Then I wasting almost 10% RI, assuming this is true and I really need only 60% for PvE, which is my focus for now with this character (I will not go for PvP untill I get at least the Lionsmane set).
    At the moment I have exactly 68,4%. It’s 3% from the dread ring boon forbidden piercing, 4% from my constitution 14 and 61.4% from 7033 armor penetration (1984 from dragonflight helm and chest, 1305 from 3 loyal avenger pieces, 400 from the tyranny of dragons draconic armorbreaker boon, 200 from insignias, 1802 from lostmauth set, 1000 from lantern and 342 from berserker shirt and pants).
    Is it wise to diminish my armor penetration? Perhaps change ToD boon for 400 defense, change the lantern for another artifact. I mean, if I had less arpen I could get more power or critical strike, right? What do think? Could you help me, please?
    Mentioning boons, by the way, is it true that elven tranquility/ferocity and enraged regrowth/shadowtouched have 1 minute internal cooldown? In positive case I guess I’m wasting both trying to be more DPSer…


    • Hello! Yes, you only 60% RI so it is safe to minimize your actual ArPen or RI. That extra 8.4% is around 1.2k arpen. Try to go for the cheapest route. You can simply change the ArPen/RI boons and that will be more than enough. Once you have at least 60% then you can start to focus your character’s stats on Crit/Power. Regarding to the boons that you have mentioned, yes, they have a 1 minute CD but the defensive options are a lot better. Using Shadowtouched and Ferocity is a total waste because they aren’t even 1% of your total dmg, at least the others will help you to stay alive and as we already know a dead DPSer can’t deal dmg.


      • The cap of 80% DR is for incoming damage, the damage that is done to your character by the enemies. However, the mobs doesn’t follow the same rule, they have a specific damage resistance which goes up to 60% and we have to stack ArPen high enough until we are able to cover the difference. Once we have 60% Resistance Ignored, we will be able to deal 100% damage to them.


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