4 comments on “New artifact weapons and Reforge system coming with Mod7 Strongholds

  1. Thanks Lazalia for all the good articles that you share to the NWN community, here and from the official forum.

    Just curious, Did you have the opportunity to check if our “old” mod6 Weapon Artifact will still be useable as Refining Points (and not only as Weapon Essence). I put that question on the official forum, but still no answer yet. Here : http://www.arcgames.com/en/forums#/discussion/1195206/stronghold-rewards/p3

    Note: I’m deepflight007 on the official forum (cf my comment above)



  2. Is this going to be bound on account, so if I desire to change main toon I can simply reforge this as another class weapon?


  3. Will the new weapons take the same amount of rp to refine as the old weapons did?

    If so, sounds like the best option for an old legendary weapon is to wait for a double rp weekend to chuck the old one into the new one.


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