5 comments on “Sharing my thoughts about Orcus’ set and Wrathful Determination

  1. Hey Lazalia, cool post, so Orcus would be around 9-10% more dmg in average for bosses while Lostmauth around 5% at 100% crit chance ? also, Do you use Battle fury encounter for buff ? or what do you use in case you don’t need daring shout ? thanks.


    • Hello, when I mention 10% more dmg done by Orcus I’m taking into consideration everything: trash, elites, bosses, etc and that’s an average. During boss fights or against enemies that can stand several hits, the dmg is higher, much more noticeable than using the lostmauth set which is better for trash mob that doesn’t have enough hit points. Against very weak mobs it doesn’t matter how high you hit if they will die anyway with a couple of weak hits but fighting strong enemies, that’s where the Orcus’ set is the best.


    • Hola Guilherme, gracias por visitar el blog. Actualmente, utilizo 2 monturas: Imperial Rage Drake por los 4.000 de Crítico y Tenser’s Disk por su bonus durante el combate. Si debo escoger entre estos, prefiero el Drake ya que el bonus del Disk no es tan útil como parece. Saludos.


  2. Hello. I just have a question that has probably been answered but I can’t find a solid answer. Is lostmauth set a better option than orcus? I’m on the ps4, and have a dragonborn gwf. Just wondering if I should save for the Orcus artifact or just get lostmauth set. Thank you in advanced.


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