About Me


Hi! I would like to send my warmest greetings from Venezuela to everyone. I’ve been in the amazing world of games for almost two decades, since the very first day I took a NES controller I knew that my game addiction had started. Later, I was able to get my hands on a computer and it immediately became my favorite gaming station. “Lazaroth” was the name that I started to use when I joined my first MMORPG Mu Online: Continent of Legend. For me, it’s a name related to a Dark Knight or Dark Lord and has some kind of evil meaning and that’s the context in which I like to play my characters. I started to play NWO in Septembre 2013, in that moment I wanted to try something different, so my first character was a Devoted Cleric “Lazael”. After a while, I started to play a Great Weapon Fighter named “Lazalia”. During that time, I had a more serious focus about progression and min-maxing so I played it until I had nothing else to achieve with that character. Unfortunately, it wasn’t dark enough for my taste, but by a stroke of luck, the Warlock joined the group of playable classes and I began to play it. Naming him “Lazaroth Dae’mon”, I achieved the same level of progress that I had with my previous character.

You can find me ingame mainly as “Lazalia” but also “Lazaroth” or “Lazaroth Dae’mon”.


3 comments on “About Me

  1. my first was also Mu Online but the name was Mu Sniper which was translated into my language … was addicted kkk


  2. Hello Lazalia,

    I’m a GWF and looked at your blog.. if i want to go for high dmg but i don’t want full crit what is the best way to do so and what is your transmod on your (avatar of war gear)?


    Falane@intoxicated89 via Neverwinter (PC)


    • Hey, if you want to go for different stats then you would go for full power in your offensive slots, azure in defensive slots for a bit more of power. In this way, you would hit harder than a gwf following the high crit build even though the overall dmg would be lower. Regarding to the set, it’s the Elemental Elven Ward transmuted to the Titan’s set. However, I’m not longer using that style, I’m back to the Berserker Champion which looks amazing. Thanks for passing by.


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