StrumSlinger (Neverwinter Community Manager) wrote: This is amazing! I love it when players take the time to really get to know the depth of the classes and builds. Great job, Lazalia!.

DigitalBuddhaNCSU wrote: I’d just like to extend my gratitude for sharing your build. Your guide is one of the more in depth yet easily accessible guides for an MMO build that I have ever come across. Not only have you given me some much needed direction while playing my first run through of Neverwinter, but you have also helped me gain a much deeper understanding of not just this game but of MMO’s in general.

FyreinLoL wrote: So awesome. I’ve been following your guide/build and even at 2240 IL it’s really good. Can’t wait until I reach your level, it looks so fun.

ManicGypsy wrote: Thanks for posting this, and also for making that incredibly awesome build, which I have been using too. I’m still working on my gear and stuff, but wow, this is awe inspiring. I hope to be this good someday!

GatheredThought wrote: I love your build! I just feel like such an ass kicker! I also feel like an asset to any group I join. Thanks for all your hard work and diligence in making this build 🙂

heethin wrote: I’ve begun dabbling in my GWF which up to this point has been relegated to PnP-only, because I think it will be my best alt for farming SH influence. But, I wasn’t psyched with how things were going, it wasn’t bad, but wasn’t getting as much out of it as I expected.

I had a free respec token and thought I had nothing to lose but to give a reputable build a try. So, I checked out Lazalia’s build and I’m confident that I doubled … possibly tripled my DPS… just by changing around my specs. I am not talking about changes from new gear, I’m just referring to better combinations of powers/feats working together.

So, thanks to Lazalia for making the build available. I appreciate the effort, including the learning and the strategizing, that it must have taken to publish.

There are a ton of messages that I receive daily, I’ll be adding periodically more of these once I have a bit more of time. Gracias!